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Yureka Plus Mobile Speaker Repair and Replacement

There is no sound coming from the Yureka Plus Mobile speakers. Follow these troubleshooting when there is no sound coming from the Yureka Plus Mobile speakers. Before starting this procedure, make sure the AC adapter is connected to the Yureka Plus Mobile charge connector and is plugged into a working wall outlet. Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the Yureka Plus Mobile speaker (audio) status after completing each step. Ensure there are no headphones plugged into the Yureka Plus Mobile. Ensure there is nothing blocking the speaker holes on the Yureka Plus Mobile. Press the volume up + button until the volume is at full. Having audio problems on your Yureka Plus Mobile? Notifications stop sounding? Did the music stop playing Continuously? Did the ringer stop working? No Sound on your games or applications? When someone calls you on your Yureka Plus Mobile can they hear you but you can’t hear them? You might just be having problems with the speakers on your phone. This Blog will guide you through the process of testing both the loud speaker, which produces the sound for your ringer, music, games, alarm clock, etc..... As well as how to test the Yureka Plus Mobile internal speaker which is what you hold up to your ear to hear people during a conversation. This test can help to determine whether the issue on your Yureka Plus Mobile is software related or a problem with the speaker itself which of course will help in resolving the issue correctly. Yureka Plus Mobile Speaker Problem Tips: This Blog is performed using the Android and the steps used in this guide will be the same process used for most other Android smartphones but if you have an Other phone then the process is going to be a little different. If you have an Other Android smartphone or these directions don’t seem to work for your particular Android phone then I suggest reading How to test the speakers on an Other Android smartphone.

Yureka Plus speaker repair and replacement in chennai